Some thoughts about the selfie/social media

The selfie. The selfie, “a selfie” is probably the most ongoing, famous, most used phenomenom in this decade. We can think of the selfie as a work of art featuring the artist as the subject. We see selfies all over the internet, all over the world. The selfie is pretty much just a picture you have taken of yourself. It is a picture of ourselves. Well, a picture of ourselves, should look like ourselves, should it not? Yes, but today, in many areas of the internet and in the affection of thoughts and meanings by others, the selfie can look like something complete different from what the reality looks like. Society today puts so much pressure on us. The big model agencies, magazines, celebrities is all about “be you”, “do you” and “love yourself”. But at the same time they´re like “Get fit”, “loose your belly fat” and “Make your life better by looking better”.  Most of us follow the celebrities on social media, many of us wants to look like them and live like them. We compare ourselves with them, we compare ourselves with the photoshopped models. There is so much more to it but all this pressure and edited “real” looking photos, commercials and videos has created a self loving issue in our daily life today.

We use all kinds of apps to like the insta famous girls, to for example look like the Kardashians. We study how they pose, how they lay their light, what color they have on their makeup. What makeup and skincare routine they post and brag about, that the companies owning these products only have paid them to post so people will buy it.

All these famous IG models have a lot of money, and the inside gossip is that they all go to doctors getting their skin lasered to get rid of strecth marks, acne, acnescars, skin discolouration etc. It is not real. And they all use apps before they post their picture on social media. But many people does not know and understand it, so it is the foundation of this epidemic of unhealty bodypressure.

So, is it possible to make the selfie more real? To be real in the digital life today? Can we stop editing ourselves of what we think is the ideal beauty, while the real beauty is to just be ourselves, love ourselves and be happy. I´m not saying I`m not one of the people that does not use apps etc, I am, but I don´t want to be. It is just sad that to be accepted we feel that a real picture of ourselves is not good enough, we feel the urge to edit ourselves. Of course, many people have discovered that this is a problem today, and many have tried and tries to make a change. We have contributions that dare people to post “nomakeup” selfies, and “just got out of bed” selfies, picture of a leg or an armpit unshaved, picture of a nude body with stretchmarks etc. This is inspiring, this helps us to love ourselves. I found this user on instagram a while back, and I truly love it. It is so honest and real. I recommend you to go take a look at it. It´s called “thenakediaries”, an account made by Taylor Giavasis. A feminist, fighting for self-love and reality. The account allows people to send in contributions, picture of themselves together or without a story to it. It´s inspiring.

It is kind of graphic, but it is real.

In 2013, “selfie” was the word of the year int he Oxford English Dictionary. 2013 is the year the selfie rose. The selfie started out pretty good, it started with a low quality camera, no one used apps for it, only the color and light filter already included in instagram. But then the discovery of insta fame and lifestyle showed up, and it begun, slow and steady crawling into the society.



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